The Strathtyrum Course, St. Andrews Links, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

The Strathtyrum Course
St. Andrews Links
St. Andrews, Fife

Links Course
18 Holes
Par 69 (White), Par 69 (Yellow), Par 68 (Red)
5,620 Yards (White), 5,004 Yards (Yellow), 4,705 Yards (Red)

Designed by: Donald Steel
Year opened: 1993

The Strathtyrum Course was opened in 1993. It was the first new 18-hole golf course at St. Andrews after nearly 80 years when Eden Course was opened in 1914.

The Strathtyrum Course was not a difficult golf course. It was shorter compared to the New Course and Eden Course but some of the Par 4s were still a little bit long for me.

It has less hazards and fewer bunkers which were not that deep compared to the two golf courses but the bunkers were also placed strategically.

The Strathtyrum Course was flat and maybe easy to play but the rough grass surrounding the fairways were quite high.

It is a links course but with parkland features.

If ever you play golf in this course, it is highly recommended to really target the fairways accurately even if the course is easy.

For more information, visit The Strathtyrum Course, St. Andrews Links.

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