Galway Golf Club, Blackrock, Salthill, Galway, Ireland

Galway Golf Club
Blackrock, Salthill
Co. Galway, Ireland

Parkland Course
18 Holes
Par 70 (Green), Par 70 (Blue), Par 72 (Red)
5,716 Meters (Green), 5,974 Meters (Blue), 5,028 Meters (Red)

Designed by: Dr Alister MacKenzie
Formed: 1895

Galway Golf Club was located on the Blackrock along the Salthill Road in Co. Galway overlooking the Galway Bay, the Burren, and the Arran Islands. Excellent views indeed!

Galway Golf Club has its Forward Green and Championship Blue markings instead of white and yellow. The Championship Blue marked holes were longer than the Forward Green marked holes.

The Galway Golf Course was a tight tree-lined parkland course. It looked easy to play as most of the greens can be seen from the tee box but do not be deceived, it was not at all an easy course. There were not too many water hazards such that you could really count them but there were a lot of bunkers placed strategically on the course.

It was very important to drive accurately as the bunkers were everywhere. Aside from the bunkers, the bushes and the plants on the side were thick and high. The trees were not that high but short which made striking the golf ball under the tree not easy.

For more information, visit Galway Golf Club Website

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