Bearna Golf Club, Corboley, Bearna, Galway, Ireland

Bearna Golf Club
Corboley, Bearna
Co. Galway, Ireland

Parkland Course
18 Holes
Par 73 (Blue), Par 72 (White), Par 71 (Yellow), Par 69 (Green), Par 73 (Red)
6,174 Meters (Blue), 5,746 Meters (White), 5,283 Meters (Yellow), 4,917 Meters (Green), 4,962 Meters (Red)

Designed by: R. J. Browne
Launched: 1991
Inaugurated: 1996

Bearna Golf Club was an 18-hole championship golf course located in Corboley, Bearna (anglicised “Barna”), Co. Galway in Ireland.

Bearna Golf Club had magnificent views of Galway Bay, the Burren, the Aran Islands and tugged hinterlands.

But we were not able to see all the nice views surrounding the course because we were not able to play all the holes of this golf course.

We stopped playing after nine holes as it rained quite heavily. Even the other members of the club stopped playing.

It was already drizzling when we started playing but we thought that it was just drizzling and would not rain too heavily.

The first nine holes of the golf course were actually very challenging.

I thought that the course was easy to play even if it was raining but I was mistaken.

Some of the holes were actually a little bit forgiving.

But do not underestimate them as the lie of your golf ball on the fairway could be tricky to strike.

Signature Hole: Eleventh Hole

For more information, visit Bearna Golf Club Website

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